Friday, September 7, 2007

This one makes my brain hurt a bit.

Every once and awhile I come across a video online that just shouldn't exist, and this one is no exception. I came across it on the excellent blog Hello Kitty Hell and just to warn you, it features a guided tour of a guy's apartment and all his collectables, and there are a couple other things you'll need to know about this guy: 1. He sounds a bit like Jello Biafra, and 2. He loves Norwegian black metal and Hello Kitty. It's also a bit longer than the clips I usually post, but I think you'll agree that you'll never be the same again after watching it. Enjoy and/or good luck.

legacy of cuteality

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1 comment:

Lance said...

Are you certain this young man is NOT a character from Archie Comics rendered via a sophisticated 3-D digital animation program?