Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hey dude, if you have a video camera and I have a Thor costume...


Lance Ehlers said...

Unfortunately, this Thor has already lost the battle against his greatest foe: the temptation to use anabolic steroids.

"Honey, come here a second. Look out the window. Look. There across the field. Ain't that Bob Phoenix's kid?"

"Hmmm. Why, yes, I believe you may be right."

"What in the world is he wearing?"

"Looks like purple pantyhose."

"Yup, looks like purple pantyhose, alright. And he's got a metal salad bowl on his head."

"Yes, by the looks of it, he's got a metal salad bowl on his head, alright. Think you ought to call the Sheriff?"

"Well, hmmm. Yes, I think you might be right. Think I ought to call the sheriff. The fellas at the VFW are gonna get a kick out of this."

Mr. Walters said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.